april 2011 (continued)



55 Sydenham Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204 AU

Life Signs

1. Throughway for a lizard

On the 2nd of March I made a first visit to 55 Sydenham Rd. We sat in the space and had a long chat about the effort that went into renovating and constructing the studios and gallery, what kind of work we were doing when we were both in the M.H Franks Upholstery building studios in Camperdown back in the Nineties and the increasing drift of artist-run spaces out to Marrickville. We reflected on the disquieting role of artist-run initiatives in the gentrification of neighbourhoods – triggering the urban change that ultimately displaces artists and other poorer locals.

Looking around the room for points of interest, I found a small hole passing right through the concrete floor to the level below. It was described how during the months of building work a lizard was seen coming up through this hole, crossing the room and under the wall to another part of the building.

A hole in the new gallery wall temporarily restores the potential passage of a lizard across the upper floor of an industrial warehouse building in Marrickville.

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october 2009 | week three


THE LAB_symbol

Open residency project
Ocular Lab
West Brunswick


THE LAB_week three_outside view
THE LAB_week three_inside view


week two_honey wagon week two_bucket contents
week two_weedings week two_compost making
week two_bucket on compost week two_weeds on compost
Riding week two’s collected toilet and organic material back to the compost site on Thea’s bike as honey-wagon. Weeding the overgrown house garden and feeding it to the heap, enjoying time in the sun and air outside in this grassy meadow.

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february-april 2009

wild sown understorey_week one
week one.
wild sown understorey_week two
week two.
wild sown understorey_week three
week three.
wild sown understorey_week four
week four.
wild sown understorey_week five
week five.
wild sown understorey_week six
week six.
wild sown understorey_week seven
week seven.
wild sown understorey_week eight
week eight.
wild sown understorey_week nine
week nine.
wild sown understorey_week ten
week ten.

Wild Sown Understorey

Seeding action, project document & climate almanac.

February-April 2009

West Brunswick Sculpture Triennial
curated by OSW
March-April 2009
Melbourne, Australia

wBST poster_folded
download wBST poster pdf [48KB]

Wild Sown Understorey is a seeding action for the front yard of 135 Union St, West Brunswick. In February green manure crop seeds were cast, and the grass left to grow until the close of the wBST. The potential for a shaggy transformation of suburban ground will lay dormant or flourish according to rainfall, becoming a simultaneous ten-week weather index. Using the methods of natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, the project plays out between disturbance to a lawn-scape, land remediation and productivity, the absence of wildness, probable failure and climate change.

wsu_project doc_cover wsu_project doc_title page wsu_project doc_page spread wsu_project doc_foldout with cards

Project document & climate almanac.

A6-ish ha-ha foldout with weeks one-ten card series
single colour printing in brown, blue and teal
printed with love on The Rizzeria
edition of 100
copies available ~ contact l kell 88 [at] gmail dot com
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october 2008

City of Sydney_Coat of Arms 
making seedballs 
week 3_room view 
CoS archives_architect plan 
week 3_closing event 
Potential__site post 
week 3.



Lisa Kelly
Dennis Tan

4th – 18th October 2008
open & in progress wed-sun 11-5pm

opening event: Friday 3rd October 6-8pm
closing event: Saturday 18th October 2pm til sunset

Chrissie Cotter Gallery
[rear of Camperdown Bowling Club]
Pidcock St Camperdown NSW 2050

room plan [32KB] & room list [80KB] as at opening

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september 1998

visiting pieces_scraps 
visiting pieces_tree box 
visiting pieces_slide viewer 
visiting pieces_lost[reverse] 
visiting pieces_corner prop

Visiting Pieces
Anne Kay & Lisa Kelly

visiting pieces_invite

West Space
16 september – 3 october 1998

1. Scraps 1998
mattress fabric scraps, interfacing.
2. Untitled 1998
printed plastics, glass slide, cardboard box, slide projector, timer.
3. Repairs 1998 (with view of Picture Tree Anne Kay)
transparency, slide viewer and packaging.
4. Lost [reverse] 1998
adhesive vinyl offcuts.
5. Untitled 1998
found plastic.

visiting pieces_room sheet_lisa visiting pieces_room sheet_anne kay


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january 2004

garden cities of tomorrow_install view 
garden cities of tomorrow_new trees 
rubbish_rubbish trees 
water bottle_aloe 
water bottle_bamboo

Garden Cities of Tomorrow

1. gallery view
2. New Tree (Sony Center) & New Tree (Darling Harbour) 2004
inkjet print on heat transfer, scrap MDF
3. Rubbish & Rubbish Trees 2004
inkjet print on heat transfer, fabric
4. Water (aloe) 2004
live plant, plaster, Bach flower remedy, waste timber
5. Water (bamboo) 2004
live plant, plaster, cigarette ash, waste timber

Down the road from the studio
Josie Cavallaro, Sarah Goffman, Lisa Kelly

Down the road from the studio_invite

Chrissie Cotter Hall
january 24 – february 7 2004

group projects

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february 2008

Lively Plane_room view_D.Tan & L.Kelly 
Lively Plane_no street tree_detail 
Lively Plane_tree prop (circle) 
Lively Plane_ashtray--planter_Mikala 
Lively Plane_ashtray--planter

Lively Plane_platform_opening Lively Plane_Carla-Scott Lively Plane_Dennis & setter Lively Plane_dennis minding Lively Plane_lisa dennis Lively Plane_lisa minding
Lively Plane_visitorsLively Plane_digging Lively Plane_trolley & tree Lively Plane_planting Lively Plane_planted & watered Lively Plane_bare life
Lively Plane_new growth Lively Plane_planted plane

images from top.

1. Lisa Kelly ‘No Street Tree’ 2008
Plane tree, jute strap, timber, linen thread, hardware.
Dennis Tan ‘Working title: Private space on constructed space on institutional space’ 2008
found recycled timber from CarriageWorks and ICAN, roofing spans, nails.

2. ‘No Street Tree’ 2008

3. ‘Tree Prop (circle)’ 2008
Inkjet print on heat transfer, Belgian linen, Sydney sand, bias binding, jute strap, thread.

4. ‘Ashtray – – Planter’ 2008
Breeze block, Sydney sand, soil, rubbish plant, cigarette butts, rubber, tape, hardware.
(first butt, opening night)

5. ‘Ashtray – – Planter’ 2008

thumbnails – ‘The Lively Plane’ peopled and planting.

1. The Lively Plane
Dennis Tan & Lisa Kelly

Lively Plane_poster

15 february – march 2 2008

room diagram [28kb] & list of works [24kb]

In 2007 Lisa Kelly undertook an Asialink residency in Singapore and met artist Dennis Tan ~ founder and housekeeper of the independent artist space The Other House in Little India. There they grew the makings of a cooperative dialogue grounded in a mutuality of interests and attitude around practice, hosting, talking, walking and urban observation.

The joint project ‘1.The Lively Plane’ at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Newtown saw a city swap and cultivation of this dialogue via Tan’s one month visit to Sydney. The exhibition roamed around the artists’ material thinking on the constructed environment, relations, building, propping, sculpture, drawing, streetscape and locality.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

‘Inside a small room with white walls and polished timber floors, a plane tree sprouts snug and unassuming from one corner of a raised wooden platform, its top leaves flattened awkwardly against an indifferent ceiling. Also on the platform is a woven mat, a ‘domestic space differentiated from the wilderness’ (1), placed neatly under the shade one imagines might be cast if this tableau were not in fact indoors. The titles of these works (for they are, as it turns out, discrete works by two separate artists), No Street Tree and Working title: Private space on constructed space on Institutional space, suggest two things that lie at the heart of the objects and actions unfolding from this exhibition: the multi-layered and contingent nature of urban space, and the artistic processes used in interrogating and intervening in that space…’

~ read Working Title: Conversations on a Lively Doorstep by Tessa Rapaport at Makeshift Journal


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march 1999

tentcraft_life security
tentcraft_ljus och viss varme
tentcraft_burning desire

Lisa Kelly & Alex Gawronski

tentcraft_invite_front tentcraft_invite_back

30 march – 10 april 1999

1. Life Security 1999 (with Alex Gawronski)
found chairs, nylon rope, dyna-hooks, hardware
2. Ljus Och Viss Varme 1999
twig, camping lantern, citronella candle, hardware
3. Cobweb 1999
projector, spider, glass slide, plastic, dowel, acrylic, cork, adhesive mesh
4. Burning Desire 1999
cyalume light sticks, dowel, blutack, hardware

[all photos: Christopher Snee]

tentcraft_catalogue_1 tentcraft_catalogue_2 tentcraft_catalogue_3 tentcraft_catalogue_4

catalogue text
Alex Gawronski & Lisa Kelly (italics)

A working motivation unravelled from the container of a word.
t e n t c r a f t
faded advice soon re-developed amid Parramatta Rd.

Thinking of movement, a conflict of mobility and stasis,
and the parallel world of stuff that crafts a migration elsewhere.

Camping is a word embroidered with numerous associations. It is inscribed with various international codes that nevertheless belie a desire for universalism. It is colour coded, bound up yet it suggests escape and freedom, freedom from life. When we take off we hope equally to get lost, without necessarily abandoning the familiar texture of our lives back home. Indeed it is familiar difficulties of the emotional, financial and social kind that we seek to replace with the difficulties of a sort we can readily overcome. These are primarily practical difficulties. What they represent is an A-Z guide on how to: stay dry, stay warm, keep cool, avoid bites, avoid falls, maintain orientation, remain mindful of the environment and of our co-travellers and of ourselves. At the same time we seek to erase temporarily our local presence and to become (if only partially) wild. The camper seeks a reunification with those things that he or she takes for granted, those things technology keeps us safe from whilst seeking to maintain our complicity with our natural selves.

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february 2007

WORKSHOPNONSTOP install view. Loose, feb 07


CLUBSproject : Bridget Currie : Kate Fulton : Christopher L G Hill : Lucas Ihlein : Lisa Kelly
:OSW [Open Spatial Workshop: Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Natasha Johns-Messenger & Scott Mitchell] : Spiros Panigirakis
+ guests & collaborators

coordinated by Lisa Kelly


Loose projects
february 2007

Taking the modes of workshop & continuous self-organisation as broad starting points of reference, WORKSHOPNONSTOP invited practices that propagate their own working contexts & conditions – via projects, spaces, blogs, networks, publications, critical writing & making – to a project that unfolded as an open, multidimensional diagram of a workshop.

workshopnonstop_project document assembly

project document

self-assembled folder of project notes and residues, edition of 40

WSNS project document_1 WSNS project document_2 WSNS project document_3

project notes

WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_1 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_2 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_3

accumulative text by participants, process & documentation. august 06 – february 07

download as pdf
part 1. [4.4MB]
part 2. [5.5MB]

group projects

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