june 2006


speakers: Reuben Keehan, Ian Milliss, Zanny Begg, Margaret Mayhew


Loose projects

forum coordinated by Anne Kay & Lisa Kelly
in response to Zones of Contact 2006 Biennale of Sydney
curated by Charles Merewether

Cones of Zontact: forum
Cones of Zontact forum, publication & exhibition: gathering & browsing

ANNE KAY__ Thanks, we might get started. Thanks so much for coming. Lisa and I organised this as part of Loose. Does everyone know that there’s ten of us in Loose? There’s info of the website if you’re interested, but it’s not just us two. A few of us are here, like Philipa [Veitch], Alex [Gawronski], Jane [Polkinghorne], Mark [Titmarsh]. Yeah, I don’t know, do you want to talk a bit about the project?

LISA KELLY__Yeah. So we’re sitting inside headquarters of Cones of Zontact, which is a publication project that we came up with. When we started Loose, we pretty much figured on operating as a cooperative kind of project where everyone took a month of the program and devised their own project within that. But in June and the Biennale, and with us having opened quite recently, we were quite keen to do some kind of point of response to the Biennale of Sydney. And as a lot of people here who have participated in the project will appreciate, our interest was to do something that included as many artists living and working in Sydney as possible. Being an observation or counterpoint to the fact that there’s only one Sydney based artist in the Zones of Contact exhibition: Ruark Lewis. The infamous Ruark Lewis…

So the intention of this forum is, it’s a loose forum, it’s just to create some informal kind of space for dialogue around issues of points of relationship between large organisational structures, international and national structures, like biennales, and how they kind of relate to ground level artists’ communities in the cities that they occur in. Whether that’s Sydney, or other people might have experience of biennales in other cities…

download pdf [4.8MB] of full transcript and images from tape 1
[transcribed by LK & AK from poor audio recording]
edited highlights of discussion from tape 2 available for listening as mp3 here

for transcript excerpts Continue Reading »

group projects

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february 2007

WORKSHOPNONSTOP install view. Loose, feb 07


CLUBSproject : Bridget Currie : Kate Fulton : Christopher L G Hill : Lucas Ihlein : Lisa Kelly
:OSW [Open Spatial Workshop: Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Natasha Johns-Messenger & Scott Mitchell] : Spiros Panigirakis
+ guests & collaborators

coordinated by Lisa Kelly


Loose projects
february 2007

Taking the modes of workshop & continuous self-organisation as broad starting points of reference, WORKSHOPNONSTOP invited practices that propagate their own working contexts & conditions – via projects, spaces, blogs, networks, publications, critical writing & making – to a project that unfolded as an open, multidimensional diagram of a workshop.

workshopnonstop_project document assembly

project document

self-assembled folder of project notes and residues, edition of 40

WSNS project document_1 WSNS project document_2 WSNS project document_3

project notes

WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_1 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_2 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_3

accumulative text by participants, process & documentation. august 06 – february 07

download as pdf
part 1. [4.4MB]
part 2. [5.5MB]

group projects

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