february-april 2009

wild sown understorey_week one
week one.
wild sown understorey_week two
week two.
wild sown understorey_week three
week three.
wild sown understorey_week four
week four.
wild sown understorey_week five
week five.
wild sown understorey_week six
week six.
wild sown understorey_week seven
week seven.
wild sown understorey_week eight
week eight.
wild sown understorey_week nine
week nine.
wild sown understorey_week ten
week ten.

Wild Sown Understorey

Seeding action, project document & climate almanac.

February-April 2009

West Brunswick Sculpture Triennial
curated by OSW
March-April 2009
Melbourne, Australia

wBST poster_folded
download wBST poster pdf [48KB]

Wild Sown Understorey is a seeding action for the front yard of 135 Union St, West Brunswick. In February green manure crop seeds were cast, and the grass left to grow until the close of the wBST. The potential for a shaggy transformation of suburban ground will lay dormant or flourish according to rainfall, becoming a simultaneous ten-week weather index. Using the methods of natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, the project plays out between disturbance to a lawn-scape, land remediation and productivity, the absence of wildness, probable failure and climate change.

wsu_project doc_cover wsu_project doc_title page wsu_project doc_page spread wsu_project doc_foldout with cards

Project document & climate almanac.

A6-ish ha-ha foldout with weeks one-ten card series
single colour printing in brown, blue and teal
printed with love on The Rizzeria
edition of 100
copies available ~ contact l kell 88 [at] gmail dot com
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february 2007

WORKSHOPNONSTOP install view. Loose, feb 07


CLUBSproject : Bridget Currie : Kate Fulton : Christopher L G Hill : Lucas Ihlein : Lisa Kelly
:OSW [Open Spatial Workshop: Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Natasha Johns-Messenger & Scott Mitchell] : Spiros Panigirakis
+ guests & collaborators

coordinated by Lisa Kelly


Loose projects
february 2007

Taking the modes of workshop & continuous self-organisation as broad starting points of reference, WORKSHOPNONSTOP invited practices that propagate their own working contexts & conditions – via projects, spaces, blogs, networks, publications, critical writing & making – to a project that unfolded as an open, multidimensional diagram of a workshop.

workshopnonstop_project document assembly

project document

self-assembled folder of project notes and residues, edition of 40

WSNS project document_1 WSNS project document_2 WSNS project document_3

project notes

WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_1 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_2 WORKSHOPNONSTOP project notes_3

accumulative text by participants, process & documentation. august 06 – february 07

download as pdf
part 1. [4.4MB]
part 2. [5.5MB]

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