july 2011

back to the ground
novelty art disposal
Packing before moving, getting rid of stuff and art. Returning unfired clay casts made for The__Hall back to the ground.

the soil i'll leave behind
After five years of no-dig bed making and soil building – the soil I’ll leave behind…

Preparing the garden for seeds
I vow with all beings
to nurture the soil to be fertile
each spring for the next thousand years

– Robert Aitken


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january – december 2010

gone fishing_merimbula_summer 2010

One year off.

Field left Fallow

Some notes on a year off art practice.
January – December 2010


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february 2008 – june 2009

watering on the awning_may 2009 
transport_may 09 
planes at carriageworks_may 09 
install view_carriageworks_may 09 
install view 2_carriageworks_may 09 
install view_detail_may 09

collected seed_may 08 plane tree seed dowsing_sep 08 seed leaves_october 08 potting up_oct 08 growing up_nov 08 treetops_dec 09 studio move_dec 09 planes indoors_jan 09 summer trouble_jan 09 planes outdoors_jan 09 hopper munching_feb 09 planter bags and shelving_feb 09 collecting seed on wilson st_feb 09 seed germination_march 09 moving from petersham_march 09 in the van_march 09 back to chalmers st_march 09 batch 2 seedlings_march 09 planes on awning_march 09 planes after rain_march 09 josie & lucas watering 1_march 09 lucas & josie watering 2_march 09 watering out the windows_march 09 lucas & josie watering almanac_march 09 small forest_april 09 desk and window planes_april 09 view through planes_april 09 rainbow over studio_april 09

The Lively Plane (continued).

February 2008 – June 2009
growing and ongoing
and part of:

There Goes the Neighbourhood

curated by Zanny Begg & Keg de Souza
The Performance Space
May-June 2009

TGTN ecard

By June 2009 «The Lively Plane (continued)» will have played out along the leafy length of Wilson Street – plus inner-west & city sidelines – over two summers, two autumns, a winter and a spring. In February 2008 I used a commercially farmed London Plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia) in a work for the exhibition «1.The Lively Plane» at the Institute for Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN) at 191 Wilson St.

Then and now, my interest is in the strong opinion and emotion that attends plane trees. They are both the most commonly planted street tree in Sydney, other Australian capitals and many world cities, and the most widely disliked for the profuse, fine, allergy-provoking bristles that aid seed dispersal from the flower-heads. They are the trees that everyone hates. While favoured for their tolerance of contemporary urban conditions – bad air, poor light, compacted soil and little water – their detractors are many, from talkback radio callers to prominent Australian scientist Tim Flannery. Flannery has often argued against the planting of London planes in Sydney streets, as both a persistent mimicry of European cities and a failure to explore alternatives from our ample native species that would better foster insect life and biodiversity, which plane trees notably do not. Continue Reading »

individual projects
studio practice

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february-april 2009

wild sown understorey_week one
week one.
wild sown understorey_week two
week two.
wild sown understorey_week three
week three.
wild sown understorey_week four
week four.
wild sown understorey_week five
week five.
wild sown understorey_week six
week six.
wild sown understorey_week seven
week seven.
wild sown understorey_week eight
week eight.
wild sown understorey_week nine
week nine.
wild sown understorey_week ten
week ten.

Wild Sown Understorey

Seeding action, project document & climate almanac.

February-April 2009

West Brunswick Sculpture Triennial
curated by OSW
March-April 2009
Melbourne, Australia

wBST poster_folded
download wBST poster pdf [48KB]

Wild Sown Understorey is a seeding action for the front yard of 135 Union St, West Brunswick. In February green manure crop seeds were cast, and the grass left to grow until the close of the wBST. The potential for a shaggy transformation of suburban ground will lay dormant or flourish according to rainfall, becoming a simultaneous ten-week weather index. Using the methods of natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, the project plays out between disturbance to a lawn-scape, land remediation and productivity, the absence of wildness, probable failure and climate change.

wsu_project doc_cover wsu_project doc_title page wsu_project doc_page spread wsu_project doc_foldout with cards

Project document & climate almanac.

A6-ish ha-ha foldout with weeks one-ten card series
single colour printing in brown, blue and teal
printed with love on The Rizzeria
edition of 100
copies available ~ contact l kell 88 [at] gmail dot com
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group projects
individual projects

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november 2008 (continued)

inner city seagull sanctuary
unfazed agapanthus
the grassland
grassland meets the plane forest

Urban grassland &
inner city seagull sanctuary

Prince Alfred Park pool

Surry Hills

seedballs plus one pool action map

Closed for redevelopment and growing over.
Walk around the fenceline and seedball action.


Mowed down & whipper-snipped:


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