february 2003

we pollute_banner  
we pollute_sign  
we polllute_throwaways_1  
we pollute_bike lock

We Pollute – working notes, Milano 2003

1. Banner (polvere) 2003
remnant fabric, thread, timber, wire
2. Sign 2003
found timber & plastic, cable ties, fabric, thread, sand, hardware
3. Untitled 1 & 2 2003
found plastics & timber, dowel, cement
4. Lock 2003
chain, padlock, fabric, thread

Australia Council Milan studio residency, Viafarini
december 2002 – february 2003

Three months in Milan at a time the city was announced the most polluted in western Europe. Compulsory car-free days and homemade banners declaring NO ALLO SMOG slung out of palazzo windows. Works improvised from rubbish and remnants, placed and abandoned as additions to the shifting body of flotsam.