may 2008

Metronome no.10_front page

Metronome No. 10
Future Academy
Shared, Mobile, Improvised, Hidden, Floating
Oregon, 2006

MP: you need to have a practical fear in order to raise the value of life. Do you still remember the Cittadellearte when there was the idea of emptiness and no decision, no definition…?
CD: Yes, and no studio. Do you remember when the exhibition was the studio and the residents were always searching for their own place?
MP: I still think that this empty space is very basic and very important. If you have something that has already been decided on you don’t find anything different. Organisation is not about filling things, but about emptying things. An artist today has choice, but only one choice, which is to put their work in a collection, a gallery, or in a museum. There is no other choice. But if you make an empty space maybe an economy will grow that can enable art to become a job in a different way? The need for this void is essential.
CD: That word institution is not necessarily bad. Institution means an association of people…
MP: I don’t complain about institutions! I complain about institutions that I do not like.

Interview with Michelangelo Pistoletto, CD, Biella 04