december 2012

walking the sticks

‘There were projects which were not possible because of economic, time, space and technical problems. Some forgotten project will come back to mind when it is needed. I contain my projects in my body, which I find as my studio, and I don’t try to remember or describe them all.

My working process is intuitive and I believe its own logic. Being nothing/nothingness and making nothing/nothingness is my goal. It is a long process.’

– Kimsooja


The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists
edited by Mary Anne Jacob & Michelle Grabner
University of Chicago Press, 2010.

* * *
Needless to say, Studiononstop has stopped. In 2010 my studio building in Surry Hills was renovated and the rent tripled. I could no longer afford a studio in Sydney. That year I took a year off art anyway, and these days I do other things.

I post occasionally at In the life world and currently on Cutting Edge Permaculture.